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Tiu đề:   Receptionist at an international hotel
 Nội dung:  

I'm Doan Ngoc Tuyet Anh, the senior in Van Lang University,specialize in Hospitality. I would like to work as a receptionist at an international hotel right after I finish my University, June of 2009.

After my 2-month internship course at the New World Hotel Saigon as a receptionist, I once again confirm my interest in working in hotel. My short-term future plan is working 2 years at FO Department to learn more the skill of contacting with guests and then, move to Sales & Marketing Department.

As I said above, I was trained at the FO Department in the New World Hotel Saigon last summer with good evaluation from FOM. Also, I've taken another 3-month internship course at the Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon at FO Department from February to April of 2009.

Besides that, I have learned the academic studying of an international receptionist skill from my University and Vietnam Australia Advance College (VAAC). I hope those basics add with English communication skill and my interest in contact with guests would be suitable for a reception position. I am also learning Japanese to improve myself in contacting with guests.

My enthusiasm and ability of working under pressure can be demonstrated by my activities at the University. As a member of Board of Youth Communist League of the University, also of the Faculty and a vice-president of English speaking club, I have responsibility of making plans for a whole school year for student activities of my faculty, ensure that every activities had to go with the plans, report to the head of faculty and university, control cost of activities and communicate with students to make sure they are all joined in and satisfied with those activities. Those things have developed my flexibility and ability in arranging time, solving problems and adapting with new jobs and getting along well with new people.

I hope that, with all above, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well as a receptionist at your hotel and to make a real contribution as a member of your hotel.

If you find interest in my background and would like to know more, I am always available to hear from you.

Doan Ngoc Tuyet Anh.

 Thng tin lin hệ
 Họ tn:  

Doan Ngoc Tuyet Anh

 Địa chỉ:  

233bis, Phan Van Tri, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

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